Honey Bee Archway


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      Oh my darling honey bee! Cute as can bee, these translucent dangles were designed to look like flowers and busy buzzing bees floating on your earlobes. I absolute LOVE the outcome.

      While honey bees as a design element is quite a highly requested design, I also felt like bringing some good attention to these tiny little creatures. They are so often misunderstood as bad and evil but did you know that you have bees to thank for one in every three bites of food you eat?

      I just love the size of the Archway. Perfect to show off your busy little bees. This pair also has two bees on end side!

      All pieces from the Polymer Clay collection is designed and handmade in Malaysia. This means every piece is unique and different. Please expect some level of inconsistencies. All head shots were simulated for scale reference. None of these earrings have been worn and are hygienic.

      We also went through great lengths to ensure that colours are as accurate as possible. However colours may still appear slightly different depending on monitor/screen settings.

      Measurements (0.2 - 0.5cm margin of error):
      Main body: approx. 1.9cm in max width, 4.5cm in max height

      Polymer Clay/Stainless Steel Earring Posts

      Designed and Handmade in Malaysia

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