Nude Terracotta Layered Arybalios


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      Terracotta is quite possibly one of my favourite colours, and this series is inspired by exactly that. Along the way I got quite carried away with vintage pottery. Some of these have been named after ancient pottery names like Arybalios, Chous and Amphora (Greek), Hiragata and Kutsuga (Japanese). I thought it'd be interesting to also name the series Nude Terracotta after going back and forth between naming it just Nude or Terracotta for quite some time.

      All pieces from the Polymer Clay collection is designed and handmade in Malaysia. This means every piece is unique and different. Please expect some level of inconsistencies. All head shots were simulated for scale reference. None of these earrings have been worn and are hygienic.

      We also went through great lengths to ensure that colours are as accurate as possible. However colours may still appear slightly different depending on monitor/screen settings.

      Measurements (0.2 - 0.5cm margin of error):
      Main body: approx. 1.7cm in width, 4.8cm in height

      Polymer Clay/Stainless Steel Ear Posts

      Handmade in Malaysia

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