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      Blue Hawaii gave me so much joy and so much heartache! Joy because I loved it so much, heartache because I loved it too much that I ruined it (see my Instagram post for the backstory!). I was listening to lots of Hawaiian folk songs at the time. They had filled me with so much joy and excitement for the new year (this was back in early 2020, pre-lockdown days) that the series just came to me out of the blue, no plans whatsoever. Lots to learn from this series - there could be such a thing as too much love? And that plans change, all the time! In any case, I decided to name all Blue Hawaii earrings in different words for joy in different languages. An homage to all the places we could have travelled to this year? (:

      All pieces from the Polymer Clay collection is designed and handmade in Malaysia. This means every piece is unique and different. Please expect some level of inconsistencies. All head shots were simulated for scale reference. None of these earrings have been worn and are hygienic.

      We also went through great lengths to ensure that colours are as accurate as possible. However colours may still appear slightly different depending on monitor/screen settings.

      Measurements (0.2 - 0.5cm margin of error):
      Main body: approx. 2.5cm in width, 5cm in height

      Polymer Clay/Stainless Steel Ear Posts

      Designed & Handmade in Malaysia

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