Can't think of how to wear jewelry to work? Here are 5 tips!

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It’s a new work week and all I want to say is BOO to Mondays!

At the risk of sounding a little too fluffy for my liking, dressing up for work is one thing I look forward to (most days). It’s something that, at the very least, gets me excited before I brave the horrendous traffic and stress about meetings and deadlines.

If you were like me before i.e. at lost about wearing jewelry to work, then this is for you. Here are 5 little tips on wearing jewelry to work.

  1. If you had to choose only one type of jewelry, choose earrings

    Statement studs will always make you look classy and polished. Don’t be afraid to go slightly oversized. You could ease into it by going for darker colours that complement/blend in with either your outfit or your hair. This way it’s subtler, with just the right amount of bling and pop.

    If all else fails, a simple gold, silver or pearl earring is a classic staple.

  2. Dainty necklaces – quite self-explanatory

    As the name suggests, dainty necklaces are delicate chain necklaces in gold or silver (plated or pure) accented with a simple pendant or beads.

    They are great everyday wear options that brightens up a plain neckline.
    Wear it under a collared shirt or with a blouse, there’s no ‘wrong’ way to do it. The best part? It’s so lightweight you won’t even know it’s there!

    If you’re feeling a little daring, layering several layers of dainty chain necklaces is a great way to add ‘subtle-statement’ to your work outfit.

  3. A touch of character on your wrists

    Bangles and bracelets add so much of class and character to an outfit and it’s so easy to wear. Just layer up two or three pieces and you’re good to go. My favourites for work are simple (and quite slim) gold/rose gold/silver pieces – nothing too chunky or bright.

    Side note: I usually wear my layered bangles/bracelets on the opposite wrist of the where I wear my watch. However, if I’m feeling like it’s too much, I layer my bangles next to my watch. This way, it just looks like it’s part of the watch.

  4. Rings and things

    Just like a manicure, rings dress up your fingers. To me, there’s just something really cool about women (and even men) who wear rings. On top of that, they’re so easy too. You can start with one simple piece and add on where you see fit.

    If you’re feeling a little bolder, wear one statement piece on your index or middle finger, and add one or two simpler bands on the other fingers. Don’t be afraid to go for some colour or texture like semi-precious stones or rhinestones.

  5. Do as Coco Chanel

    This is one golden rule to always remember, especially when you’re layering multiple accessories and did not have much time to think about what I’m putting on for the day. Coco Chanel was said to have advised the following when dressing with accessories. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

With these in mind, I'm confident you're good to go!
If this helped, share your work outfit pics with me. I'd love to see (:

Have an awesome week everyone!

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