Ring Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

Poppylab rings are listed in US sizes. 

For conversions, please refer to the table below.


Circumference (mm)

Inner Diameter (mm)

American/US size

54 15.0 4.5
55 15.9 5
57 16.4 5.5
58 16.9 6
61 17.5 7
63 18.1 7.5
64 18.5 8
66.8 19.4 9
69.5 21.0 10
72.0 22.0 11


To choose the closest ring to your size, you can:

1. Measure an existing ring

- Place the existing ring on a ruler to measure the inner diameter


2. Use string or paper

- If using a piece of paper, cut a thin, long strip (approximately 15 x 0.5cm). Wrap the string or piece of paper around the thickest part of the finger you wish to measure. Mark at the point the string or paper goes around the finger. 

- Lay the string or paper flat and measure its length up till the marking to get the circumference of your ring. The size you get (in cm) is your ring size in American/US sizing.

- If the circumference is in between sizes, opt for the smaller size.